martedì 20 aprile 2010


Care Bloggherine,
benvenute ancora una volta al mio terzo appuntamento con il ta cup tuesday. Mi ha preso molto questa iniziativa in quanto adoro collezionare tazze da te inglesi e bavaresi e riesco così ad esprimermi al meglio (nonchè trovare sempre ulteriori scuse per ampliare le mia collezione LOL).
Domenica scorsa ho fatto una capatina fuori regione e fuori programma al mercarino di Viterbo. Il programma parlava di 120 espositori e mi sono detta che era una occasione da non perdere.
Arrivati sul posto, le bancarelle saranno state una ventina - figuratevi l'entusiasmo dopo un'ora di macchina per raggiungere questo prodigioso mercatino.
Stavo per l'appunto per andarmene quando mi sono imbattuta nella bancarella di una gentilissima signora inglese che insieme a suo marito importa porcellane inglese veramente molto belle. Li mi sono fermata per circa un ora mentre il mio maritino aspettava con pazienza in via di esaurimento e totale indifferenza per il mio zompettare da un oggetto ad un altro.
sono tornata a casa con un bel bottino: 2 trio con decoro floreale che vi mostrerò stasera, una tazza e piattino della Royal Albert (pattern Old Country Rose) e tanti piattini scompagnati di transferware e altri sempre con decoro floreale. Anche questa volta sono tornata a casa soddisfatta ma con il portafoglio vuoto.
Le passioni sono proprio queste e l'importante è non avere rimpianti per aver rinunciato a qualche cosa di raro, prezioso o semplicemente bello.
Vi lascio alle immagini. spero le mie tazze da te vi piacciano!
dearest bloggerettes,
welcome once again to tea cup tuesday graciously hosted by Martha and Terri.
I adore this appointment as I adore collecting teasets and teacups of all sorts and this gives me the opportunity to always indulge in a new purchase when i feel I'm running out of cups to show LOL.
On this note,on Sunday, on the spur of the moment we (I) decided to visit a fleamarket out of our region which, from what I had read, seemed to be one of the best in that region with some 120 vendors.
I was so excited that mused during all the car ride trying to imagine (and hope) which treasures I'd be able to bring home.
When we reach the place a pang of disappointment nearly paralized me: nearly 1 hour drive for less than 20 vendors with a whole bunch of rubbish. Oh meine Gute... I could have definitely spent my Sunday differently, I told myself...
I was about to leave when I bumped into an English lady and her husband who import bone china directly from England.My mood immediately picked up and cheerfully spent nearly one hour hopping from one item to another while my poor DH was running out of patience and understanding for my passion.
What's more important though is that I made it home with a whole bunch of treasures: 2 gorgeous rose decor trios, which I'm sharing today, an orphaned Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern cup and saucer, several dessert dishes, both transferware and floral decor.
So glad i went after all. I could have purchased more items as they were really one of a kind and indeed my faves,, but my hands were full and my purse was empty.
This is what passions are for, is it not... yielding to them not having to say "I'm so sorry I left that wonderful piece behind...". What do you think gals?
meantime, take some peeks of my lovelies which I hope you enjoy as much as I do.
Again they are not very old, simply vintage fom the 60's but I find them so adorable and the pattern is sooooooooo sweet I had to have them.


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  1. Hi Rita,
    Very nice teacups! Isn't it fun to find something special like that? I'm so happy for you! Please stop by and visit my tea party, won't you? I would love to have you join me if you like. Take care and have a beautiful week.


  2. I am so glad you didn't come home empty handed! Your teacup and dessert plate is very beautiful! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  3. Hi Rita!! Wonderful...I love it..happy you found some treasures!! Yay! Bella!
    Happy tea Time!

  4. You lucky girl! What great finds. Your rose tea cups and saucers are real treasures!

  5. Hi: Wow, you did good! What pretty cups! Thank you so much for sharing and being a part of Tea Cup Tuesday. It would not have been the same without you. I can't wait to see what you will share next week. I love that you would even go out and buy a cup in order to be a part of the party. You are a woman after my own heart! Blessings, Martha

  6. Lovely as ever my dearest Rita! On the run to work, but a sip of tea with you is always a delight!

    Bisous ma belle, Anita

  7. Che belle le tue tazze ma quante ne hai ?? Sai io purtroppo quando mi sono sposata non ho voluto nessuna stoviglia perchè all'epoca non èro amante di tazze e tazzine ...e adesso invece mi mordo le mano...farò un pò di razzie nella credenza della mamma ...Santa Mamma !!!
    ✿ Annalisa ✿

  8. Your teacups are lovely!

  9. Thank you for visiting Linderhof. Yes, the name is German -- the gentlemen who built the house in 1920 as well as my ancestors are German and we felt a German name fitting for the house.

    I LOVE your teacups -- they are so pretty!

  10. Rita,

    Love the detail in the roses. Wonderful find.


  11. Hi, Rita,
    I am glad you found some pretties at the flea market after all. Your rose covered tea cups are so very pretty! Thanks for sharing them and brightening my day. Have a lovely week! Vicki

  12. What a wonderful day you had after all! To find the these lovely treasures! I just love the roses on the cups and saucers! I looked around your blog, I love the cherubs! I love to go to flea markets! I soon will be going to annual sale in a huge neighborhood, all the house will have things to sale, I am so looking forward to it! I just love seeing the treasures you find in Italy! My sister lived there a few years, I have a one lovely antique piece she brought back from Italy for me! I love it dearly! Drop Tea Time Tuesday sometimes! I love seeing your treasures!

  13. This is such a beautiful pattern! I adore those sweet roses but anything with a rose on, makes my heart sing!
    Good work at the flea market!! Don't you just love going to them???

  14. I think that you have found a very beautiful tea cups nevertheless, you have said that you spent a lot. Ciao Rita


  15. Hola Rita,
    It has been too long...I just wanted to come over and say Hi. Hope you are doing well my sweet friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  16. Hello Rita
    Thank you for stopping by & being my first! I really am enjoying your Blog..Have a wonderful week!


  17. Rita darling I so wished I too had done that...clean my cottage that is. I am planning to clean it tomorrow and for some reason this time I am not looking forward to it. I have neglected my cottage for the past three weeks and it is a mess, it probably will take me two days to make it spotless. I wish you were here now so that we can sit down for some tea and a slice of cake which I baked today, may be someday. Take care my darling.

    Love & Hugs

  18. carissima Rita
    non sai come sono contenta che ci siamo trovate! Da quanto vedo sul tuo blog, bellissimo tra l'altro, condividiamo non poche passioni!
    Continua così !! P.S. sono una tua nuova seguace ehehe
    Buon inizio di settimana!

  19. Oh Rita dearest!!!!! Oh my dear friend, no, no! Everyone is so busy, and thank you for coming and making the time to visit! My Bday was SOOOOOOOO SPECIAL and just the thought of you coming by anyway is so kind! HAH! I am the bad one....I have your giveaway package sitting in my car and unable to get to the post to send it! OHHHHH DEAR!!! I need to be hit on the hands!!!:)

    Oh I hope that your life will wind down a bit just so that you can enjoy yourself, like you so deserve; I hope that you have been having success in finding a home. How is that going? Hopefully, we will hear about that?

    My heartfelt thanks to you for coming and making my day sweet Rita! Anita

    P.S. Those white squirrels are in our neighborhood!!!!!!!! YES! THEY ARE SO CUTE and we have black ones too that are just darling. I have two bunnies in my yard at this very moment, and one of them has three ears. Last year, we saw one with only one ear! There is something in the environment that is mutating our creatures....