lunedì 19 aprile 2010


Quale onore... Irene del delizioso blog Ore Liete ha scelto proprio me tra tanti blog veramente bellissimi e pieni di ispirazione per inviarmi un premio. Mi sento davvero molto lusingata ed ora viene il bello: le regole per ricevere il premio prevedono che si condividano con le nostre amiche/amici bloggherini 10 cose di noi e si passi il premio a 10 blog che passi il premio ad altri 10 blog.

non so quale sia la parte più difficile - condividere 10 cose di me, visto che sono piuttosto schiva - oppure passare il premio a 10 post quando ce ne sono centinaia che sono veramente bellissimi, grande fonte di ispirazione e tutti altrettanto meritevoli di ricevere il premio.

cominciamo con le 10 cosine su di me:

1) amo molto la mia famiglia che viene sempre prima di ogni altra cosa... ad essere sinceri a volte seconda soltanto al lavoro visto che vi trascorro tantissimo tempo.

2) mi piace essere creativa: credo di aver ereditato questo lato del mio carattere sia da mio padre che dalla mia nonna materna.

3) Ho la passione delle porcellane, dei lini con la cifra e dei mobili provenzali

4) tra le mie attività preferite è andare per mercatini alla ricerca di piccoli tesori che quando acrò trovato una casa più grande avranno finalmente la collocazione che meritano.

5) credo nell'amicizia. amo molto più dare che ricevere

6) sogno di lasciare il mio lavoro di assistente di direzione per aprire un mio piccolo salon de thé di quelli che si trovano in francia. "Chez Rita"... che ve ne pare?

7) mi manca molto la mia mamma che ormai non c'è più da quasi 2 anni

8) cerco di mettere passione in tutto ciò che faccio

9)adoro la mia cagnolona anche se a volte ne combina di marachelle

10) odio cucinare

ed ora veniamo alla parte più difficile. Anche se i blog ai quali intendo passare il premio non hanno a che fare con lo scrap, sono tutti dei blog meravigliosi che vi invito a visitare per godere della bellezza e dell'entusiasmo che li caratterizza:
I've been tagged again: what I pleasant surpise has it been receiving a blog awar from sweet Irene of Ore Liete This is my third tag and I feel again so honored that my blog has been chosen among thousands of amazingly wondeful and truly inspiring blogs to receive this award. Thank you Irene, you've made my day!

And now the rules to receive the award: you mst share 10 things about yourself and then pass the award to 10 other blogs. Don't know which part is the most difficult, whether to share 10 thins about myself as I am a little shy and reserved or chose only 10 blog out of hundreds of marvelous ones which would equally deserve the award.

One step after the other, here's 10 things about myself:

1) I love my family with all of my heart and they always come first no matter what. Sometimes they come second but only to work where I have no choice but spend most of my day. I adore them and they know this!

2) I love to be creative and crafty. This is not always appreciated in my family but I'm stubborn nearly 50-year-old lady! Think I inherited this from both my dad and my grandmother. Both of them very creative!

3) I have a thing for china, old monogrammed linens and old provencal furniture

4) going to antique markets to bring home my wonderful and carefully sought for treasures is among the things I love most. Once a larger home will be found I'll find a proper place t showcase them all...

5) I believe in friendship: I love to give much more than to receive

6) I dream that one day I'll be able to leave my job as a personal assistant to open my own business: a petit cosy french style salon de thé "Chez Rita". How does it sound?

7) I still miss my dear old mom who's no longer on this earth since nearly two years

8) I try to put passion in everything I do

9) I adore my dog although at times she can be a real pester and drive me literally nuts

10) last bu not least... ta da ... I hate cooking!

And now the most difficult task, having to choose only 10 blogs to pass this award to. The tag is more for scrapping blogs but still I mean to share it with my bloggy friends who have inspired and encouraged me ever since Rita's Shabby Chic Rose has made its first shy step into blogland:

1) Anita di Castles Crowns and Cottages
2) Mimi di Bonjour Romance
3) Julie Marie di Idyll Hours
4) Lea di My Letters to Emily
5) Vianne di Mon Petit Bonheur
6) Fleurette di La vie en rose
7) The Duchess of Tea di Rose Tea Cottage
8) Tammy di T's Daily Treasures
9) Alessandra di The Home of My Dreams
10) Sabrinaesse di Sunset Garden


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  1. BOnjour dear Rita,
    I love your list - "Chez Rita" sounds marvelous. I'll be your first customer. You'll do it one day I'm sure! Thanks for the tag, I'll do this asap. Hope all is going well for you my friend.
    Wishing you a good week,

  2. Hello Rita darling, I was just about to switch off my laptop to go to bed, when your email popped out. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Luv, congratulations on your well deserved award. I already know how kind and wonderful you are and now by reading your tag, I have found out so much more. Darling I think both of us have been cut from the same cloth. I am not crafty, I don’t have a dog and I love cooking so besides these three, you and I have everything else in common. Tomorrow is my mum’s first year passing memorial, so I know what you are feeling. I just posted about that on my blog and cried for hours. On the happier note, I too would love to have a tea shop so may be we can open one in Italy and one in England!! My cooking will come in handy in the teashop and you being crafty will be a huge plus, what do you think? Oh! I so enjoy talking to for my award. Rita darling, thanks so much for passing this lovely award to me, I am so honoured my friend. I have posted my award on my award blog and will treasure and cherish it forever. I am planning to do a post on the award sometime this week. Thanks again luv.

    Love & Hugs

  3. OH RITA! I just made it....whew....what a long day at work and then coming home to do some chores! Oh, you are sooooo kind to think of me dearest one! And here I am, amongst these lovely, wonderful ladies! You too, you are a creative soul, like me! AND RITA....I LOVE YOUR IDEA FOR A SALON DE THÉ!!! May this dream of yours become a reality, oh please!!!!

    I will work on this award for my next post! Thank you so very much mon amie! Et mille bisous, Anita

  4. thank you, rita, for including me in such lovely
    company. i have long enjoyed your beautiful
    blog and am so grateful that you even read my
    little one.

    does this mean that i now pass along the award
    as you did?


    i'm such a novice at this!

  5. Hi sweet Rita! I'm feeling like you these days. Not enough time for everything. I feel like I'm behind -- and I don't get to visit my bloggy friends whom have been there since nearly the beginning of my journey. I so much believe in friendship and giving more than receiving too -- so when I don't get to visit your lovely little corner of the world, I feel sad. I love your little orphan teacups in the previous post. Yesterday found me rushing from school to tackle my dusty, dirty living room. I HAVE to rearrange many times a year or I feel like everything is smothering me. I must simplify. And we went to feed sweet baby kittens yesterday who still continue to do well. Poor little ones! Good luck with your hunt for a lovely home that you so deserve. Have a great week. Blessings, Tammy PS Thanks for the award. Must blog about it soon. :)

  6. Ciao Rita, ho visto che ci sono molte cose che ci accomunano, e mi hai fatto venire le lacrime agli occhi, anche a me manca molto la mia mamma che non c'è più da tre anni, forza e coraggio loro ci sono sempre vicine.

    Molto belli i blog che hai premiato.

    Baci Irene

  7. Hi dear Rita!
    Thank you very much for this awardness for me!
    Have a nice day my friend!

  8. Hello my dearest Rita, thank you for this award for me!!!!! My joy is great!!!!
    I am very pleased...... thank you very much!!!!
    Have a very nice evening
    Big hugs for Rita
    With love Fleurette

  9. Grazie Rita sei stata gentilissima!!un bacione

  10. Rita darling popped in to thank you once more for the lovely award you shared with me recently. I have posted the award on my today's post. Thanks again luv.

    Love & Hugs

  11. Hi Rita!
    Thanjk you for your visit and your sweet comment which makes me happy!I enjoyed visiting your little world and your links.I'm happy to be able read your posts in Italian ,the way you write is perfect for me,but I've not spoken Italian for a long ,long time...may be one day I'll study it again!