sabato 3 aprile 2010


Carissime amiche,
mi sento in colpa per non aver postato molto nelle ultime settimane, ma non potevo certo lasciar trascorrere questa santa festività senza augurare a tutte ed a ciascuna di voi i miei più affettuosi auguri di una FELICE PASQUA. non ho avuto modo di creare molte decorazioni per rallegreare la casa, condividerò quindi con voi alcune foto delle poche cosine che ho sistemato per queste festività, tanto per creare l'atmosfera giusta.
Auguri a tutte!
My dearest friends,
I feel so guilty for having neglected my blog and rarified my visits to your marvelous and inspiring blogs. Owe you big apologies... However couldn't let these holy days go past without my most heartfelt wishes to you all for a most happy and blessed Easter, with my hope and pray that Christ's sacrifice for all of us will be the real focus of this holiday.
Didn't have much time to properly decorate my apartment so I'll just share the very few festive vignettes I've arranged, scattered around the place to make it more suitable for the occasion and definitely create the proper atmosphere.
Peace to all!

The photo of these yummy mouthwatering chocolate eggs so beautifully displayed for the utmost pleasure of our sight has been offered by Daniela of Cannella.

Happy Easter to you all!
Buona Pasqua a tutte!
Y Rita

10 commenti:

  1. Bonjour dear Rita,
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  2. Tante Aguri a te! Buona Pasqua !

  3. GOOD MORNING RITA! Oh, it is so wonderful to see you up and running again my darling! We all miss you! I hope you are having a wonderful day....our day here hasn't quite started yet, but it will be one filled with wonder at the fact that HE IS RISEN and we are promised such goodness because of it!

    Bless you sweet Rita! Anita

  4. Come ti ho già detto privatamente ti rinnovo gli auguri di una Felice e Serena Pasqua a te tutta la tua famiglia!
    Con Affetto!

  5. Ho aperto con piacere il tuo blog con un giorno di ritardo non avendo il computer con me, come solito è una bellissima pagina dedicata alla Pasqua.

  6. Oh good evening beautiful Rita! I am so glad to see your beautiful face here....we had a lovely Easter, just staying home quiet and enjoying each other and eating, sleeping, creating and dreaming--so different than our professional lives that often causes us to not sleep, not eat, not dream or enjoy! But one must work, but I prefer to rejuvenate my soul and operate from a renewed spirit! I am glad to know that in spite of foul weather, you had your family and loved ones by you. Thank you for coming to dream a little dream with me; I do hope to go to Italy again one day during my travels to France...and maybe meet my sweet Rita!

    Have a wonderful week, Anita

  7. Hope you had a great Easter!!very pretty Easter post(:

  8. Happy Easter to you Rita and hope the sun shines down on you soon so you can go treasure hunting. xo