martedì 13 aprile 2010


Wow, è già Tea Cup Tuesday... almeno lo è ancora in questa parte di mondo!

Non mi sono resa conto di non aver postato per un'intera settimana, ma il tempo mi è davvero mancato avendo utilizzato tutto il tempo libero a mia disposizione dopo il lavoro per cercare una nuova casa: quella dei miei sogni. ho letto annunci, risposto, visitato, contattato agenzie.... un vero e proprio secondo lavoro che fino ad ora non ha portato a nulla. comincio a perdere le speranze.

Tornando a noi, è con grande piacere che torno a partecipare al Tea Cup Tuesday ospitato da Martha e Terri per condividere con voi la mia grande passione: collezionare tazze da thè rigorosamente diverse una dall'altra.

Quella che vi mostro oggi l'ho acquistata mesi fa ad un mercatino per soli (sooli????????????) 20 euro con il suo delizioso bricchetto da latte ed il doppio piattino.

Inutile dirvi che la trovo adorabile altrimenti non me la sarei portata orgogliosamente a casa (faccio così con tutti i "tesori" di altri tempi che varcano la soglia del io minuscolo appartamento).

Non è molto vecchia e probabilmente di poco valore ma mi piace la sua linea sinuosa, il manico eleborato ed il decoro floreale in varie sfumature di blue ed oro zecchino. Che dire... non riesco a resistere alla porcellana con decori floreali. Mi sembra porti la primavera anchè in pieno inverno.


Wow gals, it's already Tea Cup Tuesday (or rather nearly over, I must admit, in this part of the world!! )

I haven't just now realized that one whole week has gone past without posting but time really flies by, as I've been busy spending all my spare time after work convulsively looking for a new home. I've read zillions both in the local papers and on the internet, visited houses - new and old - by the hundreds, contacted real estate agents... It's nearly as exhausting as having a full-time second job. I'm also a wee bit disappointed as the house of my dreams still seems quite far away and must confess that I'm nearly loosing hope.

Well, won't bore you gals with this and, on to a lighter note, here I am again joining the fun of sharing my fave collectibles - tea cups.

What I'm sharing today is an orphaned cup & double saucer and a small creamer which I bought at a flea market some months back for 20 euros only (only??????????????).

It's not very old nor of great value but I like it very much. The handle is adorable and so is the floral decor in varying shades of blue and gold. Did I tell you that I particularly enthuse over floral decors in china, with roses being my favorite?

OMGosh, it's nearly midnight and better go to bed if I want to look as fresh as a china rose when I wake up in the morning.

Don't forget to visit Martha at Terri at and also check out all the links to their posts for a whole lot of lovelies all to die for.




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  1. Ehi.. non mollare eh.. guarda che in quella stupenda tazzina il thè lo devo bere io!!!


  2. Oh Rita! I wish you luck on finding a new home! That is so time-consuming! I wish you much peace and joy and I LOVE YOUR TEA CUPS! Anita

  3. Your tea cup is beautiful. I love the colors. Good luck on that new home. I hope you can join us next week. I would love to see what you will share. Blessings, Martha

  4. Very pretty Rita. The cup is such a pretty shape, especially the handle! Thank you for taking time from your house hunting to post for T.T.
    Best wishes on you finding just the right place for you soon.
    Thank you for joining us in T.T.

  5. What a darling tea cup you have shared with us today! Good luck with your house hunting!

  6. Che bel set ...sarà perchè tutte le sfumature del blu sono la mia passione sarà perchè quel bricco è un'amore ,sarà l'atmosfera calda che emana ...mi viene voglia di un thè!!!
    Un Abbraccio ed un in bocca al lupo per la tua nuova casa!!

  7. Hi Rose,
    Beautiful tea cup and pot,,what a find!Thank you for your comment. I totally understand about finding a house. I looked for over 2 years. I burned out 2 real estate agents too. We finally found one, but God didn't want us there, after 4 months of trying to settle a deal. The problem was, the agents, on both sides, and my trust was in them, not God. I finally said "God, it's up to you, I am so weary of it all". Not long after, I happened across a "for sale by owner" sign, and after looking at it twice, we new it was right, and owned it a month later. God is the best realtor, with perfect timing. This is not my dream home, but it is where we are supposed to be for whatever God has planned for us. It is all very amazing really.
    Pray, Listen, and Trust Rita, and know its going to turn out perfectly.

  8. It is not a value of the set but is the value that you give. I think that's beautiful.

  9. Rita veramente deliziosa, non importa il valore del tempo se ti piace, poi con i toni dell'azzurro veramente fantastica.

    Più tardi passa dal mio blog c'è una sorpresa per te.

    Baci Irene

  10. Dear, dear beautiful Rita! Oh my dearest, how I understand the fatigue of the EYES! I need new glasses too, and I think that is adding to my tired, dry and watery eyes, the eye strain! AND...I have been up since 2:00am! And I taught all day! And here I am, still!!! But I so love visiting my dear friends, and thank you my sweet, for coming to visit with me on this special occasion. I wish you continued success with the home situation. We will all rejoice with you when you post that you have succeeded...ah, another reason to PARTY! I am the party coordinator here!!

    I am going now to finish my dinner, and like you, fall asleep on the couch with my husband and dream.........

    Bisous ma belle, Anita

  11. Ciao Rita! These are super lovely! Mervaglioso..bella!
    Happy Tea Time!

  12. Such a Fluffy, Fluffy piece of "PRETTY"... Beautiful site...thank you so very much for your lovely birthday wish you left on Anita's Sweet Site very on Rosie

  13. I like it. Beautiful cup.:-) Hug Stina

  14. what beautiful tea cups! so much more fun to
    drink tea from a lovely china cup.

  15. Hello Rita, Thanks for stopping by! Your tea cups are lovely. My daughter and her husband just got back from a trip to beautiful Italy.
    Have a great week ~ Violet

  16. Hi Rita sweet, Oh I'm jealous if you get up every morning looking like a china rose. lol
    If anything I look like a dried china rose! Your little cup is beautiful. I just love that pretty pattern.
    I do hope that your dream home will soon be found. Good luck to you in your quest.
    I am so glad to be back to wish you well.

  17. oh, your blog is so beautiful Rita,
    love the china, the design is quite pretty...


  18. Hi Rita! Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that you like my blog and get inspiration. My English is not very good but i will try very hard to wright here. You have a nice blog too. Very fin pictures fo the beatiful cup and pot. Have a nice Sunday. Hugs.

  19. Hi Rita,
    Thank you for stopping by the other day. I hope you find yourself a new home soon. Your teacup is very pretty and I would be pleased to have you join me for tea on Tuesdays as well. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  20. molto bello collezionare tazze da thè!!una buona domenica Rita,e spero con tutto il cuore che trovi una bella casa!!

  21. Rita grazie di cuore per esserti iscritta la mio candy e buona fortuna!

  22. Hello Rita!
    Thank you so much for posting on my blog! The recipe is soooo easy that you can make it in a snap with excellent results! Yes, I am Italian! I was named after my grandmother and she after hers and so on for many generations. One of my children (I have 4) is supposed to name one of thier daughters Concetta - we will see!!!! I have an Aunt Rita that I love dearly - but she goes by "Nanny". Please stop by and have tea with me soon! I enjoyed your site tremendously and had tea with you today!
    <>< Concetta

  23. Thanks for visiting, Rita, I also loved your blog.
    'm Always checking the news.