sabato 19 dicembre 2009


Sono stata davvero pigra ultimamente. Sarà il freddo che è appena arrivato, il lavoro, la famiglia ed ecco che l'ispirazione ha tardato ad arrivare. Questa volta mi sono divertita a giocare con i miei colori preferiti ed ecco il risultato. Ho tirato giù dallo scaffale questa lanterna, l'ho lustrata a dovere e finalmente, dopo tutti questi anni che ha silenziosamente dimorato nella mia casa, ha potuto godere del suo momento di gloria, infiocchetatta per la festa e circondata di rametti dorati e festosi.
Again, I've been quite lazy lately. Maybe it's the sudden cold we're having these days, my being overworked at the office, then my beloved family and my being in the throes of Christmas preparation... you put it all together and the inspiration was just not there. Then, all of a sudden my cute little gilded lantern that, literally neglected, had been humbly sitting on a shelf for nearly 17 years called my name out loud to get my attention and there came the inspiration again. Took is down from the shelf, polished it with care to bring it back to its pristine beauty and dignity and primped it with a beautiful red ribbon and some gilded sprigs. I truly enjoyed those precious moments when I played around with my favorite festive colors.
ChRiStMaS BlESsInGs tO YoU ALl!

Y Rita

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  1. So pretty Rita... Christmas blessings to you too! Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. Such a beautiful vignette Rita! Thank you dear for sharing your pretty lantern.

  3. Bonjour and Merry Christmas!
    I've missed all your beautiful posts Rita! I always find inspiration here! The lantern is great, sometimes it is the little things that catch our eye. Sounds like you've been busy, this time of year keep us moving non-stop. I hope you can catch your breath this weekend. We've had snow in Paris and it is cold, are you keeping warm?
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas my friend!

  4. Rita dearest!

    It only takes a moment of inspiration and voilà! Your little lantern looks stunning with the touch of red....and your background is so lovely as well! Oh, I know Rita, my classroom this year is sapping the energy out of me, and I am a pretty energetic woman! But every so often, something comes along to inspire you and one regains their energy. I do hope that you will know that you are a special lady and please take time for yourself! How we need each other to support. My post for next week will hopefully lift us out and remind us of the love within and all around. I just posted a new one, however, so when you get a chance, put on your Marie Antoinette style dress and amble on over for a quick cup of Friendship Tea. Bisous, Anita

  5. Dearest Rita, and how good it was that the lantern called your name! ;-)
    Your decoration is very pretty - and the photos of it are great!
    Warm Christmas-hugs to you (and don't be stressed - enjoy the time!)

  6. Hi Rita, I love lanterns (and hearts) just as you do! This week has been crazy busy here at work and at home. Baking and getting teacher gifts togther. I haven't had so much time to blog and I've missed so much. Now we are on holiday. Today I am cleaning. Boo! But if I can get most of it done, then I have more time to play, right!??? I still have shopping to do as I've wrapped and prepared nothing for the family. All in time. Your White Wednesday posts are always lovely and the gifts from Eliana are perfect. Simple yet lovely! I haven't cross-stitched in so long. Wishing you a happy weekend. Holiday blessings, :) Tammy

  7. Dear Rita, is with a lot pleasure that I have seen the blog! no you are not lazy, the page is really wondeful, the lanter is "simply" fantastic belive me, is a light in the heart!!
    Good night

  8. Bonsoir ma chère Rita!
    You are the kind one dear angel! Thank you for such lovely comments. It is fun to host a little opulent tea party and dream. Without dreams what would we do? I suspect that you are still having cold weather; we are freezing out here, but it is part of the wonder of the season! I will be thinking of you as you celebrate with that yummy pannetonne and lasagne! See you again soon, Anita

  9. My sweet friend Rita, I'm a little bumbed too. I think mine is that the magical journey of preparing for Christmas is coming to an end. I'm tired now, but looking at your beautiful lantern lifts my heart. You have a simple magical touch. I bet your an amazing teacher.

    I guess you haven't received my gift. Hang in there, it should be coming.

    I check in with you tomorrow.

    hugs and kisses

  10. Hello dear Rita, your photo's are so lovely and give a Christmasfeeling. I now have a little Blogbreak, my husband and son are free from work and we are busy for the holidays, so I hope we see each other in the New Year. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Lovely greetings from Mea

  11. Such a pretty vignette you have created simply by shopping in your own home and using forgotten treasures.
    Your blog is a delight and I love to visit.
    Merry Christmas from Normandy.

  12. Hello dear Rita,
    I wish you and all your family Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010
    With love Fleurette

  13. Bonjour Rita!
    Are you keeping warm? I see there was alot of snow in Milan, are you close by? I hope you have everything completed and are ready for the big day.
    It is important to be thankful during this busy season, and I want you to know I am thankful to have met you through this wonderful world of blogging.
    I want to wish you and yours many Christmas blessings.

  14. "May you get a lot of pleasure
    Out of everything’s you do.
    May this be a Merry Christmas
    Especially for you!"

  15. I have just known your blog across Castles ... and it seems to me to be (beautiful) with a very nice design.

    Congratulation for the prize that you have win.

    I wish you a great year 2010,


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