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So it's Wednesday again and here I am posting my WW pics for this week. Again, needless topsay, a lot of preparation. I now keep my digital camera in my purse at all times so that I can have it right at hand when needed for a sudden "WW epiphany".
Well, enough of chatting now, let's open a white door on this week whites I was at the company's guesthouse ( a Liberty-style villa dating back the early 1900's) for some company event last week and look what we have got here: gorgeous pig-iron heaters. Aren't they indeed very beautiful and charming? I'd love to have such heaters in my apartment.
Let's have a closer look...they emanate such a romantic charm
And now my white candels in cherry glasses supervised by a cherub.
I guess that the gilded cherub doesn't count for a WW but I found it made a cute pic with the candles.
I'm still not yet done with emptying my mom's apartment. I feel there's a part of me that doesn't want to let the things of my past go. Everything in there speaks about my beloved ones who are no longer with me and everytime I go in there I feel a pang of anxiety. It's high time I come to terms with this though, so, no more whining and let's get things done.
In fact, while getting rid of all the useless stuff that had been piling up for decades in memory of those who had left this earth before my mom, I happened to find this cute brown vintage leather suitcase which had once belonged to my grandmother. I'm sure it isn't very old but it looks indeed worn out and that adds a lot to it. Must have a seen quite some traveling...
When still thinking whether to keep it or not it suddenly came to my mind that it'd be the perfect place to nest my lucky find from last weekend's fleamarket: a lovely off-white crochet bed throw. BTW off-white does count for WW's, doesn't it?
It was staring at me from the vendor's booth and I had to have it. Not a bargain - as I told you before, fleamarkets in Italy can be quit expensive and you can't expect to go there and bring home real bargains. After a long nerve-wrecking "negotiation" the throw was sold to me for 20 Euros, which is not bad for Italy, but would have been sold for much less at some yard sale in the US - I guess perhaps only a few bucks. What do you say you dearest US blog friends?
But, as I said, I had to have it. The funny thing is i didn't need it... isn't this after all the best part of going bargain hunting at fleamarkets? You go home with some useless trophy and tell your hubby that it was soooooooooooo cheap that you just couldn't leave it behind. White lies, aren't they?
And here's a close-up. Look at those tiny flowers. Must have been quite a work for the patient hands that made the throw!
A cute lil bag that I use to keep my soap bars. it's so vintagey, with all that lace and silk roses

Speaking about soap here's one of my fav: kissing angels, and it smells very nice too.
Of course I do not use it, just keep it in the bathroom for some extra charm!
This is one of my loveliest cold porcelain roses wooden box. I had never made a white box (I usually paint them in brown for a more dramatic look when completed with roses) and had never tried my hand at making yellow roses either (younever can tell how the color will turn out when the dough is dry). So, an expeeriment from beginning to end. Well, in the end I was very happy with the final result and to me it looks very shabby chic
And last but not least, a present I got today from a co-worker. Knowing I have a blog this morning she came to me with a bag containing this wonderful B&G danish porcelain and a capodimonte porcelain rose basket.
Couldn't post the basket today but this pretty dog IS white. It reminds me of my dog and has got such a sweet little muzzle, has it not?
It is also a very expensive figurine.
Elisa never left a comment on my blog but she has given her precious contribution to it all the same (and often times soome advise, too). So Thank you Elisa.
Well , it seems to be all for now, otherwise I'll soon run out of whites to post. Better save some for the next WW's.
Happy White Wednesday to you all.
BTW, thanks for bearing all my verbousness - many of you probably fell asleep before reaching the end of my post LOL. I know, I'm awful
Rita Y

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  1. Mi piace il tuo blog, ma non so l'inglese, ed è frustante passare da te e non capire una parola di quello che hai scritto, hai preso in considerazione il fatto di mettere un traduttore?


  2. Mi sveglio questa mattina, non per andare al mio lavoro (per me è normalmente andare a Lavorare molto presto), ma per vedere la pagina dedicata a WW e vedo Che sono molto felice di sveglio solo per vedere e leggere la descrizione sul blog. Io continuo a dormire, se posso.
      Bye Ri.

  3. Such lovely whites. That throw was a true find! Yes, there are great finds in the US when it comes to yard sales and flea markets. Being in Kuwait, never can get such great deals. Oh well! Hope you are having a great week. Peace & blessings, Tammy

  4. Rita! Thank You for your visit and kind words
    I will be back here.
    Many greetings!

  5. Rita you are too cute. I never get bored or fall asleep while reading your posts. I truly do enjoy them. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed looking at all you whites. Those heaters are gorgeous and the white box with the roses is beautiful. You did an beautiful job. Oh! And before I forget, rest assured that you will be included in my giveaway. I wouldn't have it any other way. Gook luck. Until next time dear friend.

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Ho dimenticato nel post di questa mattina per dire Che il riscaldamento sono molto belle.

  7. Lovely whites for White Wednesday. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. I will be back to visit yours. I love Italy. I had the chance to visit Milan, Florence, Rome & Venice back in 2003. I would love to go back some day.

  8. Hi glad you posted your BLOG addy..or whatever that is called. ~~~
    I know it must be VERY hard going thru the things in your mother's apartment...don't know if she is now in a home or has passed away...but it is always hard to do that sort of thing, for those you have loved and do love.
    May I mention to you... that for a 70+ year old
    ( like myself )...I am having a REALLY hard time reading the FONT that you use on your did not stay with most of it for long I'm afraid. ~~
    Thank you for your kind comments on my Blog glad you ran acorss it you seem to really love and appreciate roses, etc. like I do. ~~

  9. Hello Rita, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am happy to find you as well.

  10. Hello
    Thank you for your visit,your blogg is very beautifull and i vill be back here.
    Have a nice day!!!

  11. Hi Rita,
    Thank you for your visit today and your kind words!
    Your blog is really lovely, I will be back again soon :)
    Fondly, Jo-Anne Coletti

  12. Hello Rita!
    Thank you for stopping by both of my blogs and leaving such nice comments. I am glad you invited me over as I really enjoyed looking at all your pictures here! I will definitly stop by again.

  13. Hi Rita!!! Thanks for visitng me so I could find you. Love your blog and your WW stories. Lucky you to be living in Italy. I was born in Naples Italy myself. My mother is Finnish and my father is American. Would love to go back there one day and take my parents back with me-maybe one day....Love Tiina...