giovedì 1 ottobre 2009


Sono stata molto felice dei commenti ricevuti per il mio primo White Wednesday. Ero così titubante che sino all'ultimo minuto, dopo aver postato le foto, non ero certa di essere in grado di partecipare. Sono felice di averlo fatto.
Non avevo in mente di postare oggi - giornata pesante che reclama riposo, riposo, riposo. Grazie al cielo domani è Venerdì è posso guardare al fine settimana serena e speranzosa. A volte tendo ad essere eccessivamente pessimista: qualche volta bisogna pensare che dietro l'angolo potrebbe esserci anche qualche così di piacevole e non soltanto problemi, problemi, problemi.
Per farla breve, saltando da un blog ad un altro ho trovato questa bellissima immagine messa a disposizione gratuitamente da Debby di All in my Cottage e, dato che si addice perfettamente allo stile de mio blog ho pensato di inserirla subito. Grazie Debby!

Dear all, your nice comments to my White Wednesday # 1 post have pleased me a whole lot. You have indeed encouraged me and made me feel at home among friends. Thank you.
I wasn't actually thinking of posting tonight as it's been a rather tiresome and greatly disappointing day and all I cry for now is REST, REST, REST. I truly need some rest and relax which, for one reason or the other (guess you can call them work, daughter, house, and dog), I haven't had in quite a long time - I even dare say years (I confess I'm a hyper one). I seem unable to relax (must be in my DNA).
Thank God tomorrow is Friday and can't wait for my weekend to start. do not have any special plans besides my usual weekly grocery shopping and house cleaning but hopefully, if I manage to put my pessimism aside for awhile, I might even have a surprisingly enjoyable time. A friend said to my once - and I have never forgotten since then - that nice surpises may be found round the corner and not only problems, problems, and more problems.
However, to make a long story short, while hopping from one blog to another to see what's new today, in Debby's "All in my Cottage" blog I happened to find this free gorgeous vintage vignette which fits perfectly in my blog. So no more hesitation and decided to post it right away. Thank you Debby for sharing. And to you my dear blog friends I wish either a pleasant day or a good night depending on where you live!
Rita Y
HapPy BlOgGiNg!

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  1. Hi Rita,
    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I enjoyed my visit here-your white Wednesday photos are lovely.
    I will look forward to seeing more of Italy too.
    I hope you get some rest and have a good weekend.

  2. La mattina ho voluto iniziarla nel migliore modo guardando le pagine del blog, dolcissima la cartolina della bambina in mezzo alle rose.Filippo

  3. Hi Rita,
    Just wanted to drop by for a visit and to thank you so very much for your very sweet comment. I am very happy to meet you. Please come back and visit again real soon. In the meantime I'm off to look around your blog. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Blogging :-)


  4. I found your blog today, and the comment you said your friend told you about nice surprises being found right around the corner, and not all problems...I needed that today, I was feeling so down, my son lost his job, due to downsizing, and he loved that job, so I have been feeling so blue....I needed to read that today! Thanks for posting.