mercoledì 4 novembre 2009


Much to my surprise last night I received a very sweet award invitation from Mimi of Bonjour Romance ( Thank you so much Mimi. Merci beaucoup ma cherie! I'm so honored and flattered that you numbered MY blog among those worth receiving the award which I humbly accept. Now to the tough task... the 7 things I'm supposed to share about myself.

1. To begin with, I'm a little shy. Once I've overcome that "let's-skip-the-personal-part" fear though, I can even turn into an awfully talkative human being, rather on the verbous side I'd dare say. You'd then like me best shy LOL.

2. I'm quite a simple person who truly appreciates the simple joys in life. My lovely daughter, my DH, my dog, my hobbies, and my friends are all that I need. It's easy to please me - even an unexpected smile can make my day!

3. Love my daughter, hubby and dog more than anything else in the whole world;

4. I have a thing - which both my daughter and my DH call it an obsession - for roses, teasets, antiques, laces and monogrammed linens. Sometimes, when I know I've really bought one piece too many (and trust me, that happens quite often), I hide my new finds until a next better occasion to show them as a "brand new bargain", or simply lie on the price. At this stage I should probably also state that I'm a lier but this I won't do.

5. I hate cooking as much as I hate working on excel diagrams at work!

6. I badly need to work on self confidence (this is what my colleague-friend Irene has been telling me for years);

7. I like my home to always be tidy and clean as it is my nest. It is the place I always go back to at the end of my day - no matter what - and I like it to be beautiful,safe, comfortable, and reassuring (I often times need to be reassured and cuddled!)

It's really quite boring but that's my list.
Again thank you so much for the award Mimi.
In the next couple of days I'll pass this wonderful award I'm so thankful for to 7 other wonderful blogs. I have so many I truly enjoy that it will be indeed a very difficult task to only choose 7.

Y Rita

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  1. SEI SEMPRE ONESTO E Dolce Quando PERSONA IL TUO COMMENTO, hai scritto una pagina molto BEAUTIFUL. Vi do la buona notte.

  2. Bonjour Rita! What a pleasure to learn these things about you, and no you are not boring at all! After reading your list we have alot in common. I laughed about #4 - my mother used to 'put things away' for another more appropriate time!! I'm a little shy as well, as a kid I had a terrible time. I'm better with it now but it still takes me awhile to get to know someone and as you say then I talk too much! Happy Blogging!

  3. Honest & open ... very nice to learn more about our friends. TY for sharing, Rita.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Credo di aver capito che hai vinto un premio!!!!! Congratulazioni!!!!!


  5. Oh congratulations on your award, its so wonderful to find out you have won :0)

    Have a wonderful week.