sabato 13 novembre 2010


Carissime, è passata un'altra settimana e ci ritroviamo di nuovo con piacere nel mondo meraviglioso tutto rosa del Pink Saturday di Beverly di How Sweet the Sound
Questo è il profumo che da qualche mese mi accompagna al lavoro tutte le mattine. E' Rose Nuit de Mai de L'Occitane - più rosa di così non credo si possa!!
Dearest friends another week flew by at speed of light and we are again meeting in Beverly's marvelous pink world for another Pink Saturday. For true pink inspiration go check out her blog - How Sweet the Sound
I'm starting my post today with my every-morning pink inspiration: L'Occitane's Rose Nuit de Mai eau de toilette. Look at the lovely bottle and label: can anything be pinkier than this?

Una zuccheriera vintage, parte di un servizio da thé, con una delicatissima rosa.
And here's a vintage Bavaria sugar bowl with a delicate pink rose decor.

La mia sciarpina di seta rosa custodita gelosamente nella scatola delle rose d'autunno realizzata da me lo scorso anno. Era nata come un regalo che poi ha finito col rimanere sul mio comò.
My pale pink silk scarf in a fall roses wooden box which I decorated last year. It was indeed meant to be a gift but I loved it so much that it ended up in my bedroom on my chest of drawers. Can't really part from it.

Basta un fiore d'ortensia essiccata per dare quel tocco speciale ad un angolino tutto in bianco.
A dried pink hydrangea flower can add that special touch to an all-white corner.
Un regalo
A gift

Questo cuscino di seta rosa ricamato a motivi floreali veste di colore la vecchia cassapanca
This dark pink embroidered silk pillow gives color to the old chest, don't you think?

E per finire: ditelo con un fiore. Felice Pink Saturday a tutte!
And to close my post I'll say it with a flower...
Happy Pink Saturday to ya all!
Y Rita

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  1. Ma che post romantico! Adoro l'Occitane, pensa che domenica scorsa ho comprato il bagnoschiuma della stessa collezione!

  2. Such a romantic and lovely post today. Sometimes I too end up keeping something beautiful that was meant for someone else....oh well, I guess it was meant to be. HA! Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. Beauty Pinks Rita! I just love the sweet box with the roses. I would keep it too.


  4. Oh how I love your pinks. The scarf is just the right shade of blushy pink. Your little sugar bowl is a beauty too.
    I can see why the little box just had to stay with you!

  5. what a fabulous pink cushion! wow!
    and may i ask what is under the box photo?
    i am IN LOVE with that pink rose either rug or quilted something.. it's GorGeous!
    HapPy PS!

  6. What a lovely Pink Saturday visit. And what cute little sprinkles cheerfully decorating this sweet and floral post. Thank you for a fun visit.

  7. E'stato un bellissimo appuntamento attendere la tua pagina questa mattina, simpatica la bottiglia molto dolce la scatola con la sciarpa, e'sempre molto estraniante sfogliare queste pagine piene di fascino.!!
    Una bellissima giornata.

  8. Hi Rita, I'm sorry to hear that you are still staying way too busy. But I do know how sometimes the days just get away from you. You get up in the morning with the whole day ahead of you and when you go to bed at nite you wonder where all the hours went and why aren't there more. The box you made is lovely. I hope you've had some time to relax over the weekend. :)Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Ciao! Bellissime e romantiche le rose, le adoro! Complimenti!
    Ciao Ciao

  10. Right you are, I would have held on to such a wonderful 'own' made box as well!
    Very pretty pinkies in your post all over!
    Happy day!

  11. My precious Rita,

    Oh dearest, it is so good to see you up and running again, even if it isn't weekly. I was just thinking about you today because it has shamefully been way too long that I have STILL NOT MAILED YOUR GIVEAWAY!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I HAVE IT ALL WRAPPED AND ADDRESSED AND IN MY CAR! I have to get to the post and put aside the money to mail it!!!!! I LOVE THAT PINK BOX WITH THE RIBBONS COMING OUT! RIta dearest, know that you are a treasured soul, and ever since I "met" you, I always felt a special pull towards you. Your sweetness is felt across the big ocean my dearest. Do stay well, post more often and enjoy every single day.

    Much love to you, Anita

  12. Hi Rita, thanks for stopping happy to hear from you. Did you say you make those little roses on top of that box? They are so sweet. My dh is on the Honor Guard for American Legion. They perform at all Veterans funerals. But it was veterans day that day and he and others shot the guns. Little Hattie I had to cover her ears when they shot. She is scared of noises. I love that old turkey farm picture. They were my fathers turkeys. Have I said this before? I love your blog. I know Mine could be better but I am a little lazy to learn. When some of the bloggers say to grab their button..I dont know how to do that. Hugs Sally

  13. So pretty...thanks for sharing your pinks! I love the dried hydrangea.

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  14. Rita, your lovely b log is all dressed up in the prettiest pink treasures today. I couldn't part with that lovely box either. Pink roses are my passion too.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Hugs, Jeanne

  15. Hi Rita,
    I just stopped by to say I was in Italy this summer on a tour. I loved every thing.... Thanks again for visiting My Cozy Corner.