martedì 7 settembre 2010


Care amiche,
dopo aver trascorso giorni e giorni interrogandomi se continuare conn questo mio blog oppure abbandonare, eccomi tornata per l'appuntamento settimanale del TeaCup Tuesday, ospitato da Martha di Martha's Favorites e da Terri di Artful Afirmations
Ho ancora qualche tazza nella mia collezione di tazze orfane ed allora mi sono detta: "Perchè no?"
Quella che sto mostrando oggi è una Bavaria acquistata su commissione da un collega in viaggio nella sua città di origine. In tutto tre tazze con piattino ed una maxi zuccheriera, ma li trovo deliziosi e sicuramente da condividere.
My dearest friends,
after some day spent seriously thinking whether I should go on posting or simply quit as I was feeling that maybe didn't have so much to share any longer, I decided to come back for this most pleasant weekly appointment of TEACUP TUESDAY hosted by Martha of Martha's Favorites and Terri of Artful Afirmations
I still have a few cups I haven't shared yet so I said to myself "why not?" and here I am sharing
this orphaned Bavaria cup & saucer and huge sugar bowl. They were bought for me on commission from a coworker visiting his hometown. When I learnt he was going away for a few days asked him whether he could stop by some flea or antiques shop and buy a cup for me. gave him a budget and that was it... he ame back with this lovely orphaned Bavaria set: only three cups & sucers plus the sugar bowl. not a complete set but sure nice to share. hope you'll like it.
And be sure to pop over to Martha's and Terri's to see what's been shared this week. Must be hundreds of treasures: a true feast for the eyes.
Fino al prossimo appuntamento auguro a tutte voi un buon teacup tuesday e buon divertimento!
Until my next post wish you all my dearest one a happy Teacup Tuesday.
Have fun visiting our fellow bloggerettes! it will be no easy task to choose our fave cups among all the lovelies that will be shared today

Y Rita

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  1. Hello Rita :) These are such lovely cups and saucers, and as well as the matching sugar bowl too! Bavarian china is so beautiful, don't you think.

    Wishing you a lovely Tea Tuesday!
    Warmest, Brenda

  2. Those are very sweet. The tea cup is dainty and pretty, and the sugar bowl is just lovely. I do love Bavarian china!
    Thank you so much for posting for Tea Cup Tuesday. I have enjoyed visiting you.

  3. Hello Rita,
    Thank you for stopping into my blog!!
    Your cups and sugar bowl are lovely! Maybe you can find a creamer on Ebay? Or maybe a pretty silverplated creamer to coordinate?
    Thank you for the comment about the tv credenza. I have just finished the first coat of paint on a bookshelf for the familyroom, too. Check back later and see what I have been up to.
    I am now a follower.
    My middle name is Rita!!
    Hugs, Laura

  4. Bonjour dear Rita,

    Oh, I am so glad you stopped by. And please keep posting, I have missed all your beautiful posts - this is no exception!

    Hope you received my emails, I wanted to fill you in on all the news. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Summer, and all is well with you my friend.

    Have you seen the site, (I don't know how to put in links with Blogger). Sorry! ALl the info if there. Let me know how you are.

    Let's talk soon!

  5. Rita,
    Oh!! But you do have so much to share!!

    What a lovely and elegant set! I know it is not a whole set but who cares???? We don't !! Some times mixing and matching with other pieces makes such a delightful contrast!!


  6. hi rita!

    what precious orphans! please keep blogging,
    because we would really miss your sweet nature
    and lovely tea sets.


  7. ma dai carissima,perchè vuoi abbandonare??posti sempre delle cose bellissime!!!

  8. Ciao Rita!
    What a lovely teacup and sugar bowl! I love the dainty handles and golden accents.
    They are perfect to mix and match with your other pieces for true shabby chic charm!
    I hope you continue to blog and showcase on Teacup Tuesday :-))

  9. My sweet Rita,

    I am so happy to see you come and visit; I also understand how difficult it is to keep up a blog and post regularly and find things to share! I do!!! I do know as well that you have had much to do and I now that I am back to teaching after a nice long summer vacation, I am struggling to keep up with everyone!!! But I love it so. Thank you for your kind words about my writing; I have a simple style, and once and a while, I like to use a new word or a rare word, but nothing too heavy for my readers. I want it to do as you say, "directly to the heart."

    THANK YOU and please don't give up blogging, you have lovely things to share dearest Rita.....Anita

  10. Ciao Rita , complimenti per il tuo blog !!!


  11. Dear Rita
    Meeting you again is a pleasure for me
    Your tea cup is lovely and dainty
    I love your violets and painsies ,my favourite flowers

  12. Sono riuscito a riapproppiarmi del mio computer che era in altre mani, sono veramente stupende, non smettere di pubblicare sarebbe un vero peccato.!!!

  13. Hi Rita,
    this bug called 'doubt' hits us all, I read it on so many blogs. Don't give in on your thoughts about blogging, keep on blogging! It is fun, and we look forward to your posts. Maybe there is so much more than just the teacups you could share with us? No doubt a lot happens in your every day life when you observe it? You are a good writer and write English very well.
    Well, I am your fan and I hope to read you more often!
    Happy weekend!
    Ciao, Jacoba

  14. Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures!

  15. Hello, Rita, my friend,
    I am glad you are going to continue with our Teacup Parties. Your co-worker did a wonderful job on the purchases he made for you. The teacups and sugar bowl are very charming. Have a lovely week.~Vicki

  16. Hi Rita !
    Thankyou for your visit at my blogg and the kind words you left me there.

    Wish you a war welcome back ! Betty

  17. Hi Rita, I have been in the same dilemma lately. But then I thought why should I quit? Why don't I just post when I have something I want to share even if it is not often? I think our blogs have become part of who we are, and I would not want to lose that. I love your beautiful cups that you share with us. And I love that I have such a dear friend who lives so far away. I hope you reconsider, and keep your blog. I love it so...and you!!!

  18. Dearest Rita, June found the right words - it would be a shame & very sad if you would quit. I love this "teacup & Co. with a story"!
    Warm hugs, Traude

  19. Rita dearest....thank you for taking the time to visit....Oh dear one, I know that blogging takes such a commitment and most people are too busy to continue on; I have a writing/story telling addiction, so for me, Blogging is a huge part of my COME HOME AND HAVE FUN routine! I am so glad that you came by; I have really missed you and your lovely posts of gorgeous and gentle finds...I hope you are well and happy my dear friend. Bisous, Anita

  20. Good evening Rita
    Your teacups are lovely! Thank you for visiting me today..I enjoy reading your beautiful Blog and I say Blog when you have the time as we all enjoy reading about your life..take care!

  21. Dear Rita, thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and your sweet message!
    Your teacups look so lovely, we have the same LOVE for these things :)

    Regards, Veronique

  22. Welcome to Breath of Fresh Air and Teapots and Tea Things Tuesday. You are a great addition to the tea table. Thank you for your warm comments.
    I look forward to seeing you soon.
    Blessings, Pam