martedì 13 luglio 2010


sono passate settimane dal mio ultimo post...sono veramente una pigrona. ma credetemi, mi siete mancate tutte così come mi sono mancati i vostri meravigliosi post.
Vi ringrazio per le parole di incoraggiameno per gli esami di mia figlia e sono più che lieta di annunciare che ... è andata benissimo.
Ora si gode il suo meritato riposo in attesa delle vacanze i montagna tutti insieme nel mese di luglio. ancora 3 settimane di lavor eppoi... si parte!!!

Saltando da un argomento piacevole ad un altro, eccoci arrivati adun altro tea cup tuesday.
stavolta è stato facile trovare il soggetto giusto per il mio post: le mie tazze transferware della Johnson Bros Old Britain Castles ed il mio piccolo servizio mix and match composto da pezzi di vari potters inglesi.

L'ho già detto in precedenza: adoro il transferware e corro il rischio di diventare noiosa. perdonatemi ed accettate il mio sfoggettino di questa sera. sono pezzi di poco valore, ma ma a me piacciono ugualmente. E' stato divertente girovagare per i mercatini puntando come un cane da caccia tutti i venditori che tenevano del transferware per strappare loro un prezzo d'occasione e tornare a casa con il mio tesoro. E non pensiate che la caccia si sia interrotta: sono fermamente intenzionata a mettere insieme un servizio di piatti di transferware e potete scommetterci che prima o poi lo farò!
My Dearest,
haven't posted in ages: i'm such a lazy one, but I've missed each of you as well as your beautiful and inspiring posts.
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement on my daughter's exams and I'm so proud to announce that she did awesome and we are all so happy.
Now she can rest until mid September when she will start high school and meantime she's dreaming about our forthcoming holiday in SudTyrol early in August. Three weeks of work to go and then I'll finally be able to enjoy my vacation.
And now, from one fun topic to another, here we are again with another Tea Cup Tuesday.
It's been quite easy this time to choose what to show as I love transferware and had some nice pics right at hand (had taken some for my new blog header photo several weeks back).
What I'll show tonight is two Johnson Bros Old Britain Castles trios mixed and matched with pieces from other English potters. They are of little value I guess although I did spend quite some money to buy them. The fun part is flea market treasure hunting though. Going from market to market aiming at those vendors - very rare I must say - who sell English transferware trying to get a bargain price to bring home a new treasure each time.
I've got quite some pieces so far but my next move will be put together dinnerware for six. will be hard and expensive but you can bet I'll make it. I might be a lil lazy but I'm a determined middle aged lady...
Now, hoping you'll enjoy my photos I'm off to see what all the other great ladies who are also taking part in the fun of T C T are sharing tonight.
And... BTW, do not forget to visit Martha at and Terri at, the hostesses of this lovely Tuesday appointment.

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  1. Hi Rita...everything is so gorgeous! I love it! yay..happy she did well..that is awesome news! Happy tea time..gorgeous lovely all in blues..very magical!

  2. Being a fan of blue and whites, I love the dishes you show today!

  3. Saranno anche poco preziose.. ma di sicuro sono belle da vedere!!!!
    Un abbraccio


  4. RITA!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! ANd what a way to come back, with this lovely blue set...tea will forever be my favorite thing to drink with a friend, alone, or virtually with friends like you!!! How are YOU...I am glad to hear that your daughter did well. Are you working a lot? BLESS YOU dear, dear Rita!!! Anita

  5. Hello Rita,
    Your blue and white transfer ware is gorgeous! I love all your beautiful photos of them.
    Thank you so much for sharing these with us today for Tea Cup Tuesday.

  6. Hello Rita
    Your blue & white dishes are fantastic! Thanks for sharing with us today!


  7. Ciao Rita, adoro questo genere di decori! Io ho una collezione di piatti dello stesso genere.

  8. Oh you have beautiful tea cups and all things blue and white to go with them! If I were to start another blog it would be named 'All Things Blue & White'. Your header is wonderful and I found your post interesting. Thank-you for having me to Teacup Tuesday~

  9. Hello- Your Blog has such a restful feel to it and I love the way you take photos. They have a dream like misty quality to them. Take care.

  10. Hey sweet little middle aged lady from another little middle aged lady...I am happy to hear that your daughter did well!!!! Good news indeed.
    I love the beautiful set. You have so many lovely cups that I would imagine how hard it would be to choose a favorite.
    I do love blue and white very much though.

  11. Hi: Welcome back, we have missed you. I love your blue set. It is just stunning. I am happy for your daughter, prayers answered. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  12. Hello!!
    I just love your pieces of blue transferware! I collect it myself and I would just die to get my hands on a tea pot like yours!!
    Love it!!


  13. Your blue and white china is wonderful. What a great collection and beautifully photographed.

  14. CARISSIME!!!!!! Oh Rita, what a wonderful feeling to see you come and visit today! And your lovely, lovely comments are so encouraging! Oh, life gets in the way and we have to attend to our duties and then blogging gets put on the back burner, but we love you and always know that when someone is off for a bit, they will come back. I know that your HOME will show up for you at just the right I think about our addition and how long we waited to actually do it (9 years), and then I see that we actually are financially prepared now with the same wonderful builder, I just have to believe that perseverance and time will bring us what we need. I know how much a special space is desired for that touch of personal creativity, and you will be able to really add your own lovely style when that special house presents itself.

    I wish you the best of house hunting, and health and happiness dear one. Please come back again soon for my other posts and the minute you publish a new post, I will be are on my list of favorites! God bless you Rita dear, Anita

  15. You have a beautiful tea cup set! I love Blue ceramic...I couldn´t visit you the last Tea Cup Tuesday anyway next one is soon .We will meet us there

  16. Hello Miss Rita! Thank you for visiting me today sweet friend. HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!

    You have a gorgeous tea cup set my friend. I love the blue. It makes me think of my Momma~

    Love to you~


  17. Hi Rita, I do love that blue transferware. So pretty! Thanks for stopping by today. Everyone here thinks it is hot but since we are used to temps at 125 degrees and above, it feels pretty good to me even when it is in the 80's here and they all think it is steaming. Our vacation in the States is half over. Another road trip tomorrow -- and one right after that, so we will be busy the next two weeks and probably won't be near a computer much. I have preposted several things for this coming week. Best wishes as you make your way to vacation time. Sounds like it will be wonderful no matter the weather. :) Tammy (

  18. Ciao Rita,ho rivisto con piacere che hai ripreso le tue meravigliose presentazioni, sono contento.

  19. Hi Rita,
    Soo happy you dropped in to say hello !! LoVe to meet wonderful new bloggy friends .. You have some beautiful dishes that you shared .. LoVely !! makes me want to stop and have a cup of tea .. Very sweet .. Have a wonderful day sweet friend ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  20. dear rita,

    i love your beautiful blue tea set!
    such a pleasure to drink a cup of tea
    with that lovely set.

    i will remember your dear one in my


  21. I am so happy to hear that the exams went well-Please say congratulations from us!

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly.

  22. Hi Rita ( hugs)....thankyou so much for the beautiful words you left for are such a beautiful soul! thankyou for your visits and kind words! Hope you are well and having a good week!
    Take care and see you soon!

  23. Oh sweetheart, I also had no time for blogging now ... but today I am here to see your pretty blue-and-white-teacup-photos (WONDERFUL!!!) and to say thank you for your nice comment! Big hugs to you, yours Traude

  24. Hi again Rita..I love this tea set you have..I hope to get day too! It is just so beautiful! Another inpsiring post..I had to come back for second look!
    Wishing the best always!