lunedì 1 marzo 2010


Mira over at Belle Blanc is having an action give-away. All you have to do is post your fave teacup and then all is left to her wonderful taste for true beauty. As you know I have a thing for teasets so I decided to take part. I know I've shown this pic before as this is one of my Christmas purchases from the UK. It's an old Allerton's trio (1890+) which I literally adore and treasure in my china cabinet. Now and then I even indulge in staring at my mismatched teacups to admire each and all of them, never having enough of them, as they bring in my simple everyday life the lovely soft colors and exquisite dainty decors so typical of those days of old.
Y Rita

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  1. How lovely that teacup and saucer and little plate are, Rita! It's a lovely pattern! Thank you for sharing it with us and have a lovely day.


  2. What a perfect way to start and end a day. That cup and saucer are too pretty for words, Char

  3. no doubt that you love this teacup the best! just look at the flowers.. stunning! I love it too! :-)

    have a good day

  4. Love those flowers my friend. Gorgeous cup!


  5. My dear, sweetest Rita! What a pretty tea cup for a pretty and wonderful angel....You started a new job today dearest? Oh, the first day is always so stressful! Please, take care of yourself; take a nice cup of tea in this darling cup, put up your feet, or do something that you just love doing! Oh, how many times did I start a job and the first week be awful. My first year of teaching, the first week, I was hit on the freeway and my car was totaled! I however, was fine.

    I hope that the second day goes a lot better for you, and you know that you can always come chez moi and enjoy and dream my dear!

    Bisous, Anita

  6. Hi Rita, Love your tea set.So pretty. My mother had alot of teacups & saucers that each set was different. She belonged to a card club for 40yrs and when it was her turn to have it our home she gave each lady one of the sets to drink coffee or tea out of. I have I think 4 sets and I love them. But they sit in my china closet. I also have china childs tea sets from my child hood. Cant wait for my Hattie to get old enough and were going to have tea with milk...I enjoy your blog..sally

  7. Hi Rita....
    what a lovely tea cup set....its soft and pretty!
    always fun to look at!

    ciao bella

  8. Hi Rita, So glad to hear from you. You said you would like to see those toy tea sets...I will soon try to take a pic of them. I loved them as a child. My mom always made me take very good care of them. One is blue willow and the other is white with a flower motif on it. They are both made in Japan. My sister and I had between us a blue willow metal tea set also.I have several pieces of that and have let Hattie play with them. I will also take pictures of my moms tea cup and saucers that I have. When my mom and dad passed away my sister,brother and I split them up. Your blog is so pretty. I bought the book Blissful blogging and wanted to try to make a new header for my blog but havent tried to figure it out..I get frustrated so much because I take care of my Hattie 4 days a dont get things done I want to do.. but I dont know what I would do without her...well Ive wrote a book...hugs Sally

  9. Rita the pattern on this set is so beautiful. I can definitely see why it would be your favorite. Mira has got quite a job ahead of her doesn't she? Good luck.

  10. Bonjour dear Rita,

    This is such a pretty set. I had to laugh when I read you sometimes just stare at your favorite sets because you find them so beautiful. I do that too, I just love to stop and enjoy pretty things!

    Hope all is going well for you this week, will be in touch.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

  11. Bonjour again Rita,
    Just wanted to come by and let you know I just did an award post and thanked you for the Inspiring Blog award you shared with me - I hope you didn't think I forgot about it - I posted on the sidebar as soon as I received it, and it is so special since it came from you!
    Hope you're having a restful weekend!